Jason Leslie – 27.05.2012 – 16:45 – 8lb 3oz (First Baby!)

My OH had gone out drinking one night. The night before my due date. We were both convinced that I was going to go 2 weeks over, so I let him have one last night out – even though I was not happy. He returned home at 1.30am and I was a heavily pregnant, tired, angry woman. 2.45am came and OH was making something to eat. I shouted to him and he must have thought I was mad at him for the tone he replied in. ‘My waters have just gone!’ I shouted. I could not believe it! It was the early hours of my due date and I had just gone into labour! We phoned my mum and dad and let them know, then we phoned the midwife. I had green in my waters but I thought it was my plug. An hour later I started getting contractions every 4-5 minutes. Around 8am my dad came and picked us up. We went to their house for a few minutes and then did the 5 minute walk to the hospital, although it took us around 15 minutes this time!

We got to the hospital, me, my partner and my mum and the midwife took me and my partner in a room and examined me. At this point it was obvious that I had meconium in my waters, the midwife was shocked at just how green my waters were. My cervix was high and tight too. I was told there and then that because of the meconium I’d have to fly down to Aberdeen to give birth (as I live on a northerly Scottish island and the hospital does not have a NICU and cannot handle complicated deliveries) . I immediately started crying. I knew the midwives and had built a relationship with them, but I’d be taken away to the big city to give birth in a random hospital. Luckily the midwife that was there was amazing, the air ambulance can only take two people, one has to be a midwife if you are in labour, but she said if I can pretend I’m not having contractions until we were up in the air that she’s let my mum have her place. We waited in the hospital for about an hour before the air ambulance had arrived, and the ambulance came to drive us to the airport.

We arrived at the airport, it was such a lovely, hot day, and we were getting bundled on this tiny plane! It took us roughly 30 minutes to arrive at Aberdeen airport, and then another rough 30 minutes in the ambulance to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital around midday. I got a wheelchair from the ambulance to the ‘pre-labour’ ward. My waters were still going and I was in a lot of pain. I got a monitor strapped across my belly to monitor baby’s heartbeat. I ended up having some morphine, which sent me a bit crazy! I was singing songs from The Simpsons, I was convinced that my fingers were turning purple and my mum and partner were speaking to each other and I randomly butted in saying ‘I don’t like that song!’ thinking they were talking about Electric 6 – Yep, the Gay Bar people. Around 3pm I got a peccary as I still wasn’t dilating. Around 7pm my mum and partner had to leave, they went to get some food and because the ‘Islander Accommodation’ upstairs in the hospital was full they went and stayed in a Red Cross hostel. It was late by time they got there and hadn’t been sleeping long when they got called at 3am, being told that I was getting moved up to the labour ward.

I got up to the ward with a couple of midwives and met the midwife who would be looking after me until 7am, Mo. She offered me Gas and Air and I took it right away! My contractions were very painful by now. My mum and partner arrived soon after. Not much happened then. I remember falling asleep and then it was daylight, the sun and heat were intense! I was progressing nicely, and opted for the epidural at 6cm. It didn’t work for me though. I remember them taking blood from our baby’s head to test their oxygen levels, they also had to clip a heart rate monitor to their head. They were in a funny position – half back-to-back. I think this is when I started getting ill, and things get fuzzy. I had been labouring for over 24 hours. I remember having dish cloths rubbed over my body and face, it was horrible. I had developed a fever and they needed to cool me down. The next thing I remember I had the urge to push. The midwife checked me, I was 9cm and she said I was okay to start pushing. The next thing I know I’m in theatre, I don’t even remember getting transported here. There were so many people in the room. Nurses, doctors, midwives, a paediatrician, a consultant and an anaesthetist. I remember getting my epidural topped up, again that failed. The consultant gave me an ultrasound to check baby’s position, baby had turned so they were going to try forceps to deliver. By this point I had a high fever, low BP, low oxygen and a very high pulse. They needed to get this baby O-U-T, OUT. I remember them discussing an emergency c-section, but the consultant was wary, he didn’t want to as the anaesthetic could be a risk to my health, the state I was in. I remember him saying that if the forceps didn’t work that they had no choice to give me a section. I was far too ill to even be scared, I was weak and tired, I had been labouring for almost 38 hours now. My partner came in and said that within five minutes of him coming in, baby was born.

They got the forceps. I tried to push as hard as my body would let me, I was almost hyperventilating the Gas and Air! The head came out, then some of the body, I only needed one more push/pull and our baby would be out! My contractions stopped then, it took what felt like a couple of minutes for another contraction, I pushed as hard as I could, I was finally going to meet my baby and see if we had a little girl or a little boy! I don’t remember anything now, my partner said they cut baby’s chord, took them right away and made sure no meconium had been swallowed. Next thing I remember is seeing the most beautiful baby, having a cuddle with daddy, we were still in the theatre and I was getting stitched up as I had an episiotomy. My baby got handed to me from my partner, I looked down and saw that we had a beautiful baby boy! 8lb 3oz and 19 inches of perfection! I got the baby boy I so badly wished for!


The next thing I remembered was being in the recovery ward. Me and my partner spoke and decided to call our son Jason Leslie. Born at 4.45pm on Sunday 27th May 2012, one day after his due date. I stayed in hospital for 4 days after he was born and then we got to make the trip home on the boat on the 31st May, to begin our lives as parents!


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