Jamie Mason – 26.06.2012 – 03:19 – 6lb 12oz (First Baby!)

Early hours of Sunday 24th June I started getting period type pains that kept me awake all night. By 10.30am I decided I should ring the hospital just in case and I was told to go in and get checked to see if it was labour! We arrived at the hospital and by 11.30am I was hooked up to the contraction reading machine (don’t know the actual name for it!) which didn’t really show a lot, so after an hour the midwife asked if I wanted an internal examination, I decided I would just to find out if it was early labour, because I wanted to know what was causing the pain, and I was!!

We were told to go home and wait for full blown labour to kick in. At home I still couldn’t get comfy, so in the evening I decided to have a nice warm bath, and I had the England football results called through to me, We lost that match and were knocked out of Euro 2012 !! Me and then my partner went to bed and as I was still getting pains, OH decided he wasn’t going to work the next day. Monday morning we decided to watch Women in Black (brilliant film!) and then we went for a long walk. Contractions were get closer and more painful, so we went and bought an exercise ball to try and help things get going. By 6pm the pains were getting so bad and started making me feel sick so I couldn’t eat dinner so I called the hospital again and they said to go back in and get checked again.


When we got there I was taken to delivery suite and hooked up to the machine again, this time it showed contractions but every 4-5 mins, so they decided to do another internal. 2cm dilated… still not in established labour! I was starting to feel like a complete wuss by now and was getting very nervous about the pain of actual labour! I was given codeine and told to go home, get some rest as she expected to see me back there before her shift ended at 7am. We went home and got into bed to try and sleep. Pains just got worse! Coming every 2 mins, lasting 2 mins. At about 12.30am Tuesday morning, I went for a wee and as I stood up, I had a sudden sicky feeling come over me. I started being sick and my other half came in and held my hair back. As I was being sick, I felt like I had wet myself, so I said to Mark what I thought had happened and he looked at the floor, then said to me ‘I’m pretty sure there is too much water there to be wee when you’ve only just been for a wee!’ He then called the hospital and told them that we thought my waters had gone so asked what we should do. They asked to talk to me, the hospital told me to have a warm bath but I told her I didn’t want one as I was already boiling hot and if I got in the bath I would probably pass out! She just kept telling me to have a bath and wait an hour before phoning back but I ended up almost shouting at her that I didn’t want one. She then raised her voice to me and said ‘Well your obviously not coping are you, so you may as well come back in but you will be being sent home as you’re not in established labour!’ At 12.55am we set of to the hospital, pains were now getting so bad I didn’t know what to do with myself. We arrived at the hospital and I was given another internal, turns out I was 5 almost 6cm dilated and my waters had gone.. (if I could have found out the midwife who got grumpy with me on the phone I would have loved to have seen her face when actually I was in established labour!).

I was given gas and air and an anti-sickness injection but the gas and air made me sick after a few sucks on it, so I stopped using it. I was then offered pethedine but told that if baby was born within 2 hours it would make baby very sleepy, so although the midwife didn’t think that baby would arrive within 2 hours I refused. About 1 1/2hours after we arrived at the hospital, I had a sudden urge to go for a poo, so after OH asking if it was a poo I needed not needing to push baby out, I went to the loo, and as I sat down there was just lots of blood, I tried to go for a poo but couldn’t. So I went back to the room and told OH about the blood and he straight away pushed the button for a midwife to come in. She came in and said she would check to see how many cm dilated I was and as she lifted the blanket, she looked shocked and told us she could see his head!

So she put her gloves on, Mark had a look and about 3 pushes later, at 3.19am, Jamie Mason was born, Weighing 6lb 12oz (3050grams). When Jamie was put on me, it was magical, the most rewarding moment of my life! Mark then cut the umbilical cord and I was given an injection to help deliver the placenta. The midwife had trouble delivering it as contractions completely stopped, so she had to rub my tummy to help and then told me that she might needed to press the emergency button for more midwifes and a doctor to come in, which scared me so I pushed as hard as I could as she was tugging slightly on the umbilical cord and luckily, the placenta then came out!


*Mum did not want to publish baby photo, but doesn’t she look awesome ASLEEP DURING LABOUR!!!

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