Jamie – 30.07.2011 – 22:50 – 9lb 3oz (First Baby!)

My due date was 23rd July 2011, well that day came and went, I was completely fed up of waiting to see my little boy – we found out the sex at our 20 week scan although he still did not have a name.

On the 29th July, my inlaws went away on holiday and I had telling me I had to keep my legs crossed as their first grandson was not allowed to be born whilst they were away, I remember thinking to myself “yeah right i’ll still be here this time next week” due to my sister in laws ill health she came to stay with us.

We went to bed and all was normal but at 3am I woke up and felt weird, as if I was coming down with a stomach bug but nothing so went back to bed and slept through till the morning. I woke up and felt awful i felt like I had been smacked about in my sleep i ached from head to toe, I felt sick and generally run down, little did I know this was the beginning of my labour.

By 2 o’clock i couldn’t stay awake and happily snoozed away on the couch. Michael (my partner) started to make tea at 4:30pm, pizza and wedges. At 5pm I got my first pain it hit my like a brick and then it just didn’t go. I remember thinking to myself this isnt what its like in the movies, its meant to build up gradually and get closer and more painful as time goes on, mine was just one long pain.

I rang the hospital and spoke to a midwife who sounded like she was thinking “God not another first time mum” as i explained to her what was happening. She explained that I had ages till this baby was going to be here and I should rest or have a bath, she ended the conversation with “if you cant cope with the pain I suppose you can come in” to be honest it made me feel like I was been a little bit dramatic to I decided to try and eat my tea.

It was the middle of “summer” and quite a nice day to Michael and Samm (sister in law) were sat in the garden eating theirs all i remember was pacing up and down the garden path, stopping, getting on all fours repeating the process all while trying to eat pizza lol

At 5:45pm I had had enough and needed to go to the hospital.

All I can say is oh my God that was one of the worst car journeys of my entire life, the pain was intensified at every little bump in the road and every flaming traffic light was on red, i definitely swore a few times during that journey. Once we got to the hospital they put is in the assessment areas waiting room and told me to take a seat, “we wont be long” it felt like an eternity I couldnt sit because the pain was bad I was boiling so stood outside, Michael asked me if I wanted to go back in and sit in the waiting room, was he having a laugh it was full and I mean full of laies laughing and giggling I wanted to rip their heads off lol, at that a midwife came to get me and took me to an assessment room.

Once we were in there she asked the usual questions how far are you but to be far all I could here is blah blah blah, then she handed me some paracetomol – do not be fooled they do NOTHING lol. She checked me and couldn’t decide if I was 2 or 3cm but I could stay as they were pretty quiet.I didnt hear her but Michael later informed me if we had arrive an hour earlier they would have turned us away as they were very busy, made me glad I waited.

Once we were in the delivery suite I got settled and the Midwife ran me a bath with lavender oil in it and told me because this was my first baby they would not be back to check on me until midnight – this scared me I thought about it and kept thinking I dont know what the hell Im doing I need her with me ALL the time.

The bath really helped with the pain however I was that hot I felt like I was going to pass out with the heat so I kept getting in and out, eventually after one hour I got onto the bed.

At 8:55pm I made a sort of grunting noise because I felt like I needed to push, at that a lovely midwife named Laura came in and asked if it was me that made the noise lol I didnt realise that I had been that loud.

She examined me again and I was 9cm she couldn’t believe that it had happened that quickly – in fact never mind her I couldn’t believe it. Laura offered me the gas and air to which I jumped at. I told Laura I think I needed to push at about 9:30 so she examined me again and decided to break my waters for me after that I began to push.

I remember feeling the pain but because of the gas and air it was if I could feel it but it was like a memory of it like I was seeing a past event – weird I know. I spoke to many people about gas and air before my labour most of which told me it does nothing well it certainly affected me, at one point another midwife popped int o see if everything was ok, I actually stopped pushing to say “hi”, I felt like I had been on drugs the only downside was I cant really remember pushing one minute we were talking about it the next thing I heard a cry and remember asking “What was that noise” to which Michael replied “that’s our son” this conversation happened another three times before I even realised that I had given birth, he was born at 10:50pm.1240215_10151618848248520_1699070097_n

I wanted to breast feed and the midwife suggested at one of my antenatal appointments that I have at least one hour skin to skin after birth to help with this, I thought 10 minutes wont harm so let Michael hold our son first, this is when we decided on the name Jamie. 10 minutes however turned into 3 and a half hours because I needed stitching.

My stitches werent actually that bad so were done in the room however when she checked she thought she had stitched my back passage, i remember her asking if she could check – still high on gas and air and turned to Michael and said “don’t you be getting any ideas your not going up there EVER”

At that i was whisked off to another room leaving Jamie with a first time daddy who had never looked after a baby before and apparently thats all I kept saying “please check on Michael he doesn’t know what he is doing” oh then I felt a little stab as they stitched me and threatened to kick her in the head oops

Once I was back in the room I learnt that my baby boy weighed 9lbs 3oz and was just perfect. Before given birth I thought people who said you forget the pain were crazy but they really weren’t I still couldn’t tell you what the pain felt like although I’m not sure whether that’s due to the gas and air. His grandparents missed the birth by one day so they had to wait 6 days to see him!!

**Brother to Luke**

Me and my son
Me and my son

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