Isabella Esmai – 03.11.10 – 18:08 – 8lb

Baby no2 due date 4th November 2010

I was at home and backache started the night before my due date. I got up at 6 had my show and got a little excited! My hubby was getting ready for work so told him to stay close to his phone. Half an hour later little contractions started so I phoned the labour ward to let them know as I was booked for a home birth. Got to 8.30am and its just me and my son Aidan at home who was 5 at the time. Contractions got really strong so phoned my husband to come home from work and phoned my sister to let her know as she wanted to be there as well.

10 am came and midwife arrived at last and gave me a check. I was 3cm so midwife left again as labour wasn’t yet active. I walked around the flat while Jamie and Aidan made cakes. My sister, mum in law and sister in law arrived about 1pm. Midwife came again about 2.30pm and I was 7-8cm so she decided to stay. Got in the birthing pool was so nice but so hot and whilst I was contracting away Jamie Aidan and the others were all drinking tea watching TV and seeing to me. It got to about 5.30 and I was in so much pain I got out the pool and midwife checked me I was 9 cm but Isabella was just spinning on my tail bone as it hadn’t moved so they made me sit on the toilet (this in mind I was stark naked with tens machine on lol).

Jamie says to the midwife “that’s a bad move she nearly had our first on the toilet”! Lo and behold I sit on the loo put my hand down and she started crowning; Jamie had to rip the tens off my back to make me follow him so I’m naked running down my hall with my hand between my legs get on the bed on all fours and start pushing! My son Aidan had the best view at the end of the bed along with my sister in law and mum in law. Jamie was at my side and my sister the other as she was hung over haha.

Isabella arrived with her hand on her face and came out face first. She weighed a big 8lb all natural with no pain relief and at home. It was the most amazing experience and would recommend it to everyone. The best part was my son got to witness his sister being born and Jamie and I got to share a bed and he didn’t have to go home and miss out on those first few hours when dads get sent home it was amazing!isabella


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