Harry Desmond – 22.04.2012 – 06:51 – 6lb 7oz (First Baby!)

My little mans arrival with all the twists and turns

I was originally planning on having a lovely home water birth and the pool had been set up in our living room since the week before my due date ready and waiting but unfortunately my little man decided he had other ideas on how and when he was going to enter this world

I was booked in to be induced at hospital if he had not arrived by 25th which would have put me 40+12 as they feel its safer to be in a hospital at this late stage due to more complications that can arise in very overdue babies and as much as I wanted my home birth my first priority was to have a healthy safe baby so I agreed, on 20th April (40+7) I was worried as I had not felt much movement so I called the midwives who told me to go and get monitored just to be on the safe side so off we went to the hospital expecting to be in and out. they hooked me up to the CGT thing and sure enough just as they did LO decided to throw a party in there and make me out to be a right liar (typical fella) but although he was moving around great his heartbeat was a little on the low side but nothing to worry about on its own but the monitor also showed it dipping when it was picking up very mild contractions so they thought it would be safer to bring my induction forward ……………………………………………….. TO THERE AND THEN!!!!

They told me to go home get some things together and they would start my induction at 6pm on 20th April using the pessary that would take 6 hours to work. Then they would break my waters and the show would be on the road. All sounds very good doesn’t it??? Well little one decided the midwife knew nothing and if he was going to come out it would be on his time scale not theirs

Got myself settled into hospital and they inserted the pessary at 8pm and told me to get my head down and get some sleep they would check on me but not break my waters until morning. At 4am I was starting to get contractions that were very uncomfortable so they told me to ring my other half and get him to come back in and they would check to see what was happening down there. He arrived at the hospital at 5am and the contractions were coming every 6 mins but only lasting 20 seconds and not painful just very uncomfortable so they did an internal and told me I was only 2cm so they would give me another pessary as they couldn’t break my waters until 3cm.

The contractions started to come stronger but still not lasting any longer than 20 seconds and the paracetamol were not really helping so at 8am they ran me a hot bath to help ease the pain it was lovely! I stayed in it for 2 hours just topping up the hot water! Mum had arrived by then as her and my other half were my birth partners. Contractions by 11ish had started to get to 4 mins apart lasting 40 seconds and were now bordering on painful so we put my hypno-birth CD on and I got in bed. Well that was a mistake as it relaxed me that much my contractions stopped and labor stalled.

They started up again but started up thick and fast every 2 mins lasting 60-80 seconds and OH MY GOD they hurt! They checked me again and I was still 2cm dilated! I wanted to cry all this and I hadn’t progressed at all. Well contractions carried on like this for hours and hours and all they were giving me was paracetamol and codeine (as I wasn’t in active labor according to them). It then got to the point where every time I contracted I felt like I wet myself a little bit, mum thought my waters must have broke but midwives told her they hadn’t it was just watery bits of plug/show (they had not checked me internally to come to this conclusion).

Well within an hour I was begging for drugs any drugs just strong ones and I also told them to stick the f**king codeine where the sun don’t shine as I was in so much pain, they still refused to check me (as they were busy!!! WTF!) but did give me some diamorphine which didn’t help the pain but made me a more pleasant person as it spaced me out. After 36 hours of being at 2cm and going though contractions from hell I told them with every contraction it felt like I needed to poo to which they told me was impossible as i was only 2cm dilated (still not done an internal so god knows how they knew that) and that I just needed to open my bowels.

At this point my mum and other half were going mad explaining if this wasn’t active labor then something must be wrong as the pain I was in was ridiculous plus the morphine had now worn off so was back to dealing with it naturally.

My other half demanded they come and give me an internal or he wanted to speak to a senior member of management about my care (or lack of it) so they agreed reluctantly. Within seconds of the MW putting her fingers in there I was dragged off the bed and into a wheel chair thrown into a lift and found myself in a delivery suite all this within 5 mins of the internal they didn’t want to do. They gave me some gas and air and told me as he was back to back I might find it easier to birth on a birthing stool instead of a bed. I would have gone along with anything at this point 25 mins of pushing and my little man was in my arms, I then found out when they did the internal she felt hair and if i had in fact taken their advice and tried to “open my bowels” I would have given birth to my LO in the toilets on my own!!1240110_10201410464477464_935425391_n

I have been lucky enough to have no stitches as I have just got 2 small grazes so should heal nice and quickly. The midwife delivering asked me straight away if I would do it again and the answer was yes but next time I would put off induction and just have extra monitoring and I would definitely want my home water birth

So although the care was a disgrace my LO was born strong and healthy at 6:51am on 22nd April and he is just gorgeous!1150823_10201410458037303_336934914_n


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