Eva Samantha Nicole – 21.06.2012 – 17:57 – 6lb 3oz (First Baby!)

It was my due date!! At last! I had a HUGE baby bump so I took my weekly bump photograph.
Next thing I knew, I was past my due date and still no baby! 5 days on and I was sure I was going to be pregnant forever!
That night, on the 19th June 2012, I started to have mild contractions. Tightenings. My other half Ben, and I timed them and they started to become pretty regular, so I called the hospital at around 11:30pm and they told me to go on in.
So I called my mum who drove over and took us on the 30 minute drive to the hospital. I was then put on a ward and strapped up to monitors. The midwife checked my cervix and I was 1.5cm. A few hours later, my midwife told me I was in slow labour and to go home and wait.


Disappointed, we drove home and slept. Well, Ben and my mum slept, I didn’t get an awful lot of sleep that night!

The next day, around lunchtime, my milk contractions became a little more intense. They took my breath away but I was still able to talk through them. Again, the hospital told me to go on in because I wasn’t too sure if my waters were leaking. They weren’t. I was 2cm dilated and baby’s head was at an angle and wasn’t sitting straight but baby was very low down and my waters were bulging. They said it wouldn’t be much longer and I was sent on home again.
Later that day, I went to my midwife appointment at my doctors surgery and she went ahead and gave me a stretch and sweep. This took me up to about 2.5-3cm dilated.
That’s night, nothing happened! I was started to get very frustrated! I wanted to meet my baby already!

I slept soundly that night, good job too because that was the last night I’d get to sleep through the night in a LONG time!
The next day, on the 21st June 2012, I got up, showered, did my hair and make up and sat bouncing on my birth ball whilst Ben was at work. It was Thursday so my mum was also working.
I was still having mild contractions but they were coming irregularly.
My sister called me at around 12pm and I was telling her that I didn’t think the baby was going to come for another week and I was just going to keep moving and hope for baby to arrive!
I was on the phone to my sister for a good 30 minutes. Feeling sorry for myself, I continued to bounce on my ball.
And then I felt it. This weird shift in my cervix. Baby had shifted its head into position!!! The feeling was so surreal, I’d never felt anything like it. I literally felt the head move into position.
And then BAM!!! Contractions started. These hurt a hell of a lot more than the other “contractions” I’d had. So I got my phone, a pen and paper and started to time them and write them down. The first I wrote down was 12:57pm, it lasted more than a minute. The next one came about 4 minutes later and the pain was unbearable!
I called my mum who had finished work and was in town doing some shopping. I told her to carry on with her shopping and make her way over when she was done and I’d get in the bath because that’s supposed to help right? WRONG!!
It sped up my labour and by now I was naked, in the bath, all alone with my poor dog sat by my side worrying for me.
My mum came straight over having decided not to finish her shopping. She got to me around 2pm. She called Ben who was skeptical about this really being it. My mum assured him it definitely was.
Mum helped me out of the bath and I called the hospital. My contractions were now every 2 minutes and I could barely talk or walk. They told me to go straight in and I was crying telling them that I had to wait for Ben to get here who didn’t drive and he had to wait for his dad to pick him up and bring him over which would be at least another 30 minutes, and then there was a 30 minute drive to the hospital! They calmed me down and just told me to get there when I could.

I decided at this point that I just had to re do my hair and make up because my hair had gone all frizzy from the bath and my make up had come off with the water and my sweat.
I tried to do it, I failed. I gave up and tied my hair up and left my face make up free. So not how I wanted to look when I had my baby but by now, I was in so much pain I didn’t care.

Finally, Ben arrived. By now my contractions were every 1 minute, lasting 1 minute! I was groaning in pain. It hurt so much! The worst pain I’d ever felt in my life. It was approximately 4pm, Ben looked like a ghost! He went as white as a sheet as he saw me and realised is was not another false alarm!

We set off for the hospital, me and Ben in the back of my mums tiny Ford KA! My contractions were now coming thick and fast with a 30 second gap in between contractions.
We arrived at the hospital and I had to walk from the car park to the door stopping every few seconds. I made sure I kept quiet as there were children about and I didn’t want to frighten them.
We rushed to labour and delivery (I was in a wheelchair by now) and arrived there just after 4:30pm.
A member of staff came and asked me if I was here to be assessed, I remember saying “I don’t know, I don’t care! Just get me an epidural!”
He said “ok, she needs to be taking straight through to a delivery room”.

I got to my room, stripped off and put on my nightgown with a lot of help from mum and Ben. By now, I couldn’t care less about my dignity, that had completely gone out the window!
Laid on the bed where a midwife came and checked my cervix for dilation. I was fully expecting her to say I was 3, maybe 4cm dilated. I was 7cm!!! 7!! I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy I laughed. The midwife said to me “whatever you did at home, well done for doing it and getting to 7cm before you got here”.

I asked for an epidural, the midwife said “are you sure you don’t want to try anything else 1st like gas and air?” I replied “oh yeah, I’ll try the gas and air first”.
It made me want to throw up! My head was spinning and I told her I didn’t want it and it made me feel sick, she told me to keep going with it because the nausea would go. So I did, and it did. However, it did not take away the pain. But it did help in a few ways because it made me focus on breathing which took my mind of the excruciating pain, a tiny bit!

At 5:15pm, my waters still hadn’t broken and my baby’s heart weight was decelerating with every contraction. So they decided to break my waters and attach a clip to baby’s head to monitor the heart beat easier.
Call it mothers instinct but I had a feeling that when they broke my waters, there was going to be meconium. I’ve no idea why I thought it, I just knew. And I said to Ben, just before “I bet baby has pooed in me”.
They broke my waters and sure enough “Meconuim in the waters” said the midwife to the other midwife.
Then at 5:41pm, my midwife told me that my baby was in distress and I needed to push, NOW!

What!?! Wait!!! I want an epidural! It was too late. I was 10cm and my baby was in danger. That was enough to make me focus and concentrate on pushing baby out!
16 minutes of pushing, using just gas and air and into the world she came.

My beautiful daughter.
Eva Samantha Nicole Bourne. She was so tiny 6lb 3oz! She was placed directly onto my chest. I loved her so much! 10 fingers, 10 toes, hardly any hair and a little button nose!
I had the injection to deliver the placenta but unfortunately it didn’t quite work and I had to push my placenta out.
Ben cut the cord and then Ben held her as I delivered my placenta.
With a few pushes, gas and air and a bit of pain, out it came and I immediately asked to look at it! My midwife looked shocked and surprised, but was so happy to show me the details of my placenta. It was amazing!

I suffered a 2nd degree tear which needed to be stitched. A doctor came to do it because my midwife was struggling. In went them stitching needle and out came a scream from my mouth! I could feel it! The doctor apologised profusely and injected more anaesthetic and I used the gas and air to help me  whilst they stitched me.
All done.

Some cuddles with my baby girl and the midwife suggested I take a bath.  As I got up slowly from the bed, I felt lawfully weak but walked to the bathroom with some help. It was then that the other midwife noticed that on the bed, there was a lot of blood. I was still unaware of this but all of a sudden, I felt weak. My legs gave way and I collapsed.
Once I got up, I was walked back to my bed which had been cleaned up but I collapsed again on the way back to the bed. Both midwives were now aware that I had lost a lot of blood and doctors had been informed and got blood transfusion bags ready.
First I had to get back into bed! It took about 30 minutes for me to walk 4 feet across the room.

I got back on the bed and I had people all around me checking my stats and hooking me up to monitors!
I was watching my mum holding Eva. Ben was stood at my side holding my hand and looking from me to Eva and back again.
Everyone looked so worried! I smiled at Ben and my mum and rested. I was too weak to do anything else.
Thankfully, I didn’t need the transfusion in the end. My body had worked its magic and recuperated on its own. The human body is an amazing thing!


Eventually, I got to hold Eva again and breast feed her and have photos taken. I am not keen on the photos because I look as white as the bed sheets I’m laying on in them and my lips are just as white as my skin.
I still treasure the photos, I just wanted to look glamorous! Haha!

Eva and I were kept in for 2 nights and 3 days because we both had to be monitored. Eva for the meconium, to check she hadn’t inhaled or ingested any of it. And me for the blood loss.
3 days later, we were sent home and our lives changed for the better.

I now have a 14 month old who is the love of my life, my pride and joy, who is walking and almost talking toddler who is still tiny but as the saying goes…
Good things come in small packages.


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