Erin Daisy – 10.04.2013 – 10:20 – 7lb 13oz (Third Baby!)

My third child, and my first ‘yellow’ bump, arrived safely at 10.20am, on Wednesday 10th April 2013, after a 3 hour 20 minute labour, at 40+6 and turned….. PINK!!

I’d been begging my baby bump for days to arrive before my sweep had been booked for the 11th April, after receiving two of the for my first child, I was desperate to avoid going through it again. I hadn’t, in fact, expected to go over with my third after my second child had arrived bang on his due date, but this one was clearly following in its big sisters footsteps and being fashionably late!!

I woke up on Wednesday 10th April at 7am with some cramps. After having quite a few of these over the last few weeks and it turning out to be just diarrhea (sorry tmi!!) I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I went to the toilet, sure enough, diarrhea. Felt a bit disheartened but the pains were still there so I clung to the hope it might be the beginning. Went back to bed but just couldn’t sleep, unsure whether to say anything to OH and getting his hopes raised for labour, at 7.15am, I said ” if I wasn’t sure if I was in labour, would you want to know?” To which OH sleepily went “why? Are you in labour” Telling him I wasn’t sure, I went downstairs so he could get some more kip, and put on a recording of Jeremy Kyle. 20 mins in and I just couldn’t concentrate on it, so turned it off and wandered about. I heard my son yelling from the top of the stairs, so went to talk to him. Leaked nappy, yay! -.- fortunately just wee!! But by this point I was beginning to struggle, so woke OH to change him and give him breakfast while I got in the bath. Text my mum to pre-warn her I may need her very shortly to babysit, so to stay close!! And started timing, pretty certain this was now IT!

Managed a quick wash but these contractions were only giving me three minutes between contractions, and a minute per contraction pain! The kids came in after a while, chatting to me, and me, not wanting to worry them, struggling to keep conversation between contractions. Eventually begging Daniel to take them down so I could concentrate. Pretty soon even I realised things were moving faster than expected, though not wanting to go in too soon I kept telling Daniel to wait before ringing the midwives. Eventually he just did it, and he had to talk to them as I was contracting quick. Mum came over and I managed to give the kids a quick kiss goodbye before rushing to the car before another contraction hit.

Once we arrived at the midwife centre after a short but painful 10 minute drive. The worst bit – the walk from the car to the midwife centre!! It took me a good few minutes. And two contractions to move from the car, and rushing to a bench where we had to sit for another. Made it in, and had to crouch on the floor in a ball through another contraction as we were meeting our midwife. Realising this was just going to be a ‘get on and have a baby’ delivery, they rushed me and Daniel into a delivery room and checked me… 7cm!!!! I was shocked I’d made it that far!

On gas & air I was coping squeezing Daniel’s hand and lying on the bed on my side. My lower back was hurting quite a bit, Daniel noticed me trying to rub it so moved round to rub it for me. Desperate for a water birth the midwives were trying to fill up the birthing pool, with me asking between contractions if it was ANYWHERE near ready!! I had one midwife even adding buckets of water from the bathroom to try and speed it along. I could feel the contractions changing ad knew baby was moving down fast, and warned the midwives who got the delivery trolley.

Finally, it was decided the pool was filled up enough for me to get in but warned I HAD to keep my bum under the water. Fine by me! I was just desperate to be in the water. Oh my gosh the relief in the water, particularly on my back. Thanked my lucky stars baby had hung in there long enough. Still on the gas & air, I was on all four in the pool, still squeezing Daniel’s hand who was being my absolute rock. I could feel every change in the contractions and kept pre warning it wouldn’t be very long at all. Pretty soon…. Waters started coming out, then pop. MECONIUM! I heard the midwives questioning whether they should get me out, to which I replied “not getting out. No time” followed very quickly by another contraction. This baby was going to be out very soon. It got to one contraction and oh my god… I knew the head was right there but suddenly I was in agony, huge pain down there, that I’d never felt before. I was in absolute agony, I couldn’t even comprehend the noise I was making!! I’m quite a quiet labourer, but this pain, shocked and scared me, and it seemed to last forever (later, the midwife told me, baby had been back to back. The agonizing pain I had felt at the end was actually baby turning from back to back to the right position to come out – OW! ) Within a couple of contractions, baby’s head was out, then baby’s body. And the midwife was telling me to get my baby from between my legs. Bringing baby up on my chest, the midwives put a pink hat on its head to which OH said “it’s a girl then?” And they said they didn’t know! So peeking down, my yellow bump was indeed, a pink bump!

Her cord was pretty short but I cuddled her in the pool a while, we went for a physiological third stage, and left the cord attached until it had stopped pulsing. I was helped out of the pool and onto the bed where I could deliver the placenta naturally too. Eventually got our little girl to latch and OH cut the cord and got his first cuddle while I delivered the placenta and was checked over for any tears. My finally cooperative baby had left me with just grazes. 7lb 13oz, the biggest of my children!

Daniel stayed a couple hours, I suffered a migraine just after and had heavier blood loss than they liked, so I was glad he was about. Once I’d picked up he left to look after our other children at home and allow me and baby time to rest. Due to the meconium and water birth she had to be checked for 12 hours, so Daniel came back at 9pm and waited with us for final checks and paperwork and we made it home at midnight.

My other two children met their sister for the first time the following morning. They adore her!

**Sister to Logan and Robyn*



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