Emilia Nicole – 02.08.2012 – 11:47 – 6lb 12oz (First Baby!)

Tuesday 31st July 2012 I was watching Holby City and I started to get pains / tightens. The episode I was watching was one of the nurses had gone in to labour! I thought I really can’t say anything to Lewis or my parents. I thought they would just say it’s because I’m watching what was happening in the program. I went to bed and couldn’t sleep. I started timing my contractions or what I believed to be contractions. They were coming every 5 minutes…the last time I looked at the clock was 4am. I must have finally fallen asleep as I woke up to no pain, nothing.

I had a sweep at 10am at my local hospital as the start of my dignity was being lost (she was attempting the sweep). She said oh my god does this baby feel really low? I didn’t really know what I was meant to feel and said that I hadn’t noticed anything. She told me that the baby’s head was right there and I was about 4-5cm – to go home and rest as I would be having a baby tonight. I thought, yeah right! I went home and went for a walk with my mum then later when Lewis got home we went for another walk. I remember my mum had made pizza that evening and at the back of my mind I though ‘I shouldn’t be eating this if I am having a baby tonight…’

Which I must flash back and explain my choice of birth plan. I decided to have a home birth, maybe for selfish reasons?! I have a massive phobia of being sick and get bad anxiety. I knew I didn’t want any pain relief at all as I heard a lot of it makes you sick. Also I knew being in a hospital and stuck to a room would freak me out. Around 5 months I mentioned it to my mum and she thought I was mad. She said no as at the time we were living with my parents. At 8 months I had the ante natal classes and they mentioned very briefly on home births. My mum asked the lady a few questions. The teacher said that sometimes it’s better as hospitals can jump in too much etc and that’s when things can go wrong. Cutting the story a bit shorter at 38 weeks I told my personal midwife that I’d like a home birth. I had a home visit to make sure it was safe to do so and told what I needed. So that weekend I was off out buying shower curtains, waterproof bed sheets, buckets. Most of which was never used as the midwives were very prepared and equipped.

Soooooo….back to now the 1st of August…I went to bed that evening and woke about 11pm with the same pains from the previous night. I started timing them and they were every 5 minutes. About 2am they were getting more painful. I couldn’t lay down anymore and was pacing my room breathing through them. I woke Lewis up and he got my mum. They said this is the real thing and that I should call the midwives. I wasn’t convinced! I rang the. Anyway and they said that one of the community midwives is off and I would have to go into hospital. I explained I really didn’t want to and they said they would call me back. They did after about 15 minutes and said that the ward wasn’t busy, that they would send one of their midwives with a community one (you always have to have 2). They arrived at 4:30am – Emma and Helen. Emma was lovely but Helen (hospital midwife) seemed distance and didn’t really want to be there it seemed. She was quite against home birthing. Emma checked me and I was 5cm. She explained to me how to breathe through each contraction and it really helped. She said she would be downstairs with my mum and Helen. She would come up every 30mins to check the baby’s heartbeat or if I needed her. That she would check me again at 8am to see how dilated I am. I remember thinking ‘What? in 3 hours time!

I laid on the bed with Lewis next to me and breathed through every contraction. I was so tired and for a bit I actually fell asleep. It got to 7am and I said to Emma – I think I’ll just go to hospital. Nothing is happening and I don’t know if I can do this anymore. She told me to get in the bath. I got in the bath and hated it. I got out after couple minutes and asked her to check me. I was 9cm! She said she was thinking about going home and coming back later. She believed nothing was happening too as I was so quiet and never called down to her. I just went in to myself and laid there getting through it. Helen had finished her shift and I remember her kneeling next to me. She was telling me how thankful she was that I let her be there and I’ve totally changed her opinion on home birthing. She said a few things but I can’t remember all as was going in and out of contractions. She kissed me and wished me luck.Emma rang for another midwife asap. Tania came (she was my midwife all the way through my pregnancy) she was so happy it was me and that she came on shift at the right time. Emma actually had finished too but said she wanted to stay. We lay talking for an hour as my contractions eased off.

Then my body started trying to push. I remember Tania telling me I was pushing, wasn’t I?! Which I replied, yes! The urge to push was so strong and I hated not being in control. I moved to all positions. Standing up I hated!! I must have been pushing for almost 2 hours. They said my waters were right there and I could break them or they could. I asked them to. Then baby’s head was out. I remember reading so much that this was the worst part, the ‘ring of fire’. I honestly didn’t feel anything and thought what was all the fuss. Couple more pushes and she was out!

At 11:47am on Thursday 2nd August 2012 I had a baby girl who was 6lbs 12ozs. We named her Emilia Nicole.

I said in my birth plan that I wanted a natural placenta delivery. I told the, to just give me an injection. They said no you’ve come this far and the injection can make you feel sick. I lay having after contractions for an hour when finally one push and my placenta was out. It was huge!!



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