Cassidy Renee – 02.08.2012 – 20:40 – 5lb 12oz (First Baby!)

Ok well it started on Aug 1st. I woke up with contractions, which I put down to being Braxton Hicks, mostly because I really didn’t wanna be in labour just then LOL! I knew that Phil had a business trip to go on the next day so I was thinking this would be BAD timing to go into labour. But I got sorta ansty…decided to pack some boxes, and thought it’d be a great idea to cook a huge meal for dinner.

Went to the store still noticing the contractions.. still being in denial haha..was getting about 2-3 an hour.

After cooking dinner they increased to about 5-6 contractions an hour. So I started looking online whether braxton hicks were supposed to hurt or not and just was getting mixed results.

Was not able to fall asleep… I tried but was just so anxious. So I started timing them around 10pm worked it out to I was getting 1 every 3-7 mins. And knowing they had to get alot closer and figured they needed to be alot more painful for it to mean anything.

So stayed up just cleaning the place up, did all the dishes, made sure my hospital bag was packed – started having a feeling that this was it. I thought it’d be a great idea to pack make up… God knows why as I didn’t even look at my face in the mirror while at the hospital LOL!!

Around 1am I told phil that I kept getting pains and thought I should page the midwife… so I do. And she talks to me for about 3 mins, now I have one while talking to her but I’m still able to talk to her. So she tells me that its most likely braxton hicks and that it needs to be 2-5 mins and I shouldn’t be able to talk through them. (bahha little does she know) so she says drink a glass of water an go back to bed. Well that was outta the question.. I was so upset at how it seemed like she didn’t even take me seriously… so more pacing around the apartment. this time contractions are 1-4 mins apart, however still able to talk through them!!

5am the time my hubby set his alarm to get up to get ready for work… and I inform him that I wanna go to the hospital to get checked out. So I page the midwife again, same lady darn it! And tell her I would like to come in to get checked out.

First we drive to my hubby’s work for him to leave a note saying hes unable to make it on the trip(I felt SO bad about that however I’m glad I did insist on going in)

Get to the hospital around 6:30… we parked in the parking garage which was about a 10-15 walk from the hospital but I’m like I can walk it. I was convinced it was just gonna be a false alarm.

So go up to labour and delivery, meanwhile feeling quite stupid as I’m like they’re gonna think I’m the kind that makes a big deal over nothing.

Get checked out… 5 centimetres!!! btw there was a shift change so I ended up with a midwife I actually like hahah

So I get admitted while I’m still in shock, and they’re all like “Wow you shoulda seen me at 5 centimetres”

But honestly it didn’t feel that bad to me at all… like I would need to breath through them but anyways..

1pm I’m at 8 centimetres, still chatting with my sister online (yay for wifi at the hospital) But it was still manageable…

2pm… all hell breaks lose.. well no. The pain just increases a lot!! So much its causing me to moan and complain through the contractions… I remember one funny moment where I’m like “Oh God!!” and my hubby goes “I’m here” and I’m like “You’re not God!!” LOL!! But yes it felt like there was like no break from this point on… nothing seemed to help either the bath a bit but still not helping much. So 6pm get checked… 9 centimetres.. at this point I’m really upset all this for just going up ONE centimetre!! So the midwife says she can break my water or start pitocin… well I told her she could break my waters. At which point it speeds up labour quite a bit. I kept having the urge to push and I was fighting against my body cause I didn’t wanna ruin my insides by pushing when not ready but they’re all like Push if you have the need to.


7pm I’m NOT a happy person.. this point I’m almost in tears from the contractions and probably screaming through some of them. So I call the midwife in and I’m like “Ok now I need an epidural” and shes like lemme check you.. and shes like “I can feel the babies head right there, do you wanna just push and get it over with?” at which I reply “NO!! I want the pain to go away now I’m really sick of this all now” .

So it takes what feels like forever for the anesthesia people to come in… I think about 7:50ish they put it in and wow instant relief I was actually happy again, oh btw they did warn me there was a good chance it wouldn’t work. But it did thankfully!!

It made me a little loopy, I can remember apologizing to the nurses for the mess my waters were causing LOL!! and then telling someone about how I thought there was bodies in the ceiling… ermm yeah. Also telling my midwife how it looked like her hands were right outta a horror film since they were all bloody. Anyways. 8:10 I start pushing, and 8:40 shes born!! I ended up with a 3rd degree tear, unsure if it was from the epidural or what. But hopefully next time I don’t tear as to me recovery from that is worse then labour.



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