Brooke Sophia – 20.03.2012 – 14:25 – 6lb 3oz (First Baby!)

My period was a week late and I hadn’t tested and I just knew I was pregnant! I was so nervous to test and remember watching the test and 2 lines appeared straight away!! I remember waking other half to tell him while I was shaking. We were both very excited and couldn’t wait to be parents.

My pregnancy was pretty rough. I was very sick from the word go! I could barely eat without puking! Around 5 weeks I had a little bleeding and pain in my right side and has to be taken to hospital. They suspected an ectopic pregnancy but all was fine. I had many scans throughout to check her growth and had a gender scan done at 16 weeks that showed I was having a baby girl!! Me and other were thrilled and I had a gut feeling she was a girl. My sickness continued right until well into third trimester where it eased a bit. Around 38 weeks I started to notice a lot of reduced movement and was taken in to hospital quite a few times up till 40 weeks! A decision was made for babies sake I was to be induced!!

The date was set for the 19/03/2012. We made our way up to the hospital for 2pm. I was so scared and had been desperate for her to arrive but I could of easily of ran out of that hospital! Around 3pm my first pessary was inserted. Baby was going crazy so I was hooked on a monitor till 7pm when she calmed down. Me and other half went for a massive walk around the hospital and came back. Was checked a few hours later but nothing had happened so another pessary was inserted and I was told to sleep.

Around 5am a midwife came in to wake me up to tell me I was going to a delivery ward to have my waters broken. The midwife was lovely and she broke them at 1cm and I remember it gushing out all warm! Was most weird feeling ever!! Next I got hooked up to the drip (evil thing haha!!) she turned it up every half an hour and all was okay to begin but oh my god it got worse very quick!! I opted for gas and air to help but it didn’t really! Was checked at 11am and was only 3cm and I remember being so upset I was progressing slow with how much pain I was in. Midwife suggested diamorphine and gave me some and it was such a life saver! I didn’t want any pain relief but I never expected it to hurt this much (how deluded haha!!)

The pain relief didn’t help for long and an epidural was decided on. The wait was 2 hours as the surgeon was busy with emergencies. It was the worst 2 hours of my life! I screamed and cried in agony from my contraction. I begged the midwife to turn off my drip I was so desperate! But I got through it with lots of help from my other half keeping me calm. I was checked again around 1pm and was 4cm and I had my epidural inserted. It didn’t take long to work and suddenly I was so calm and relaxed. Not long after I started feeling an urge that I needed the loo but midwife wouldn’t believe me. I kept telling her I needed to push. At 2pm she checked me and I was 10cm!! So shocked. I started pushing and my beautiful baby girl Brooke Sophia was born at 2:25pm. She wasn’t very alert and her cord was cut very quick by the midwife and she was rushed for oxygen. I remember being so scared as I had no idea what was happening! She was soon returned me and she was so perfect. I gazed at her and the love was so over whelming.

She was passed to my other half after we had skin to skin as I had to be stitched after a second degree tear. After the pain relief I had I didn’t feel anything luckily! Not long after we were taken up to the ward where we stayed over night and returned home the next day!


Brooke is now nearly 18 months and it’s been a stressful time juggling reflux, colic and poor weight gain. Things are getting better and there’s nothing better than being her Mummy.



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