Brenna Grace – 31.01.2012 – 19:00 – 7lb 2oz (First Baby!)

5:24 AM : Omg! I either peed the bed or my water broke-as I am very forcefully pushing my husband. All he has to say is what? Are you sure? So I hop out of bed and another large gush…yep my water’s broke! However, no contractions started. I told hubby to go ahead into work and I was going to take a shower and call him when I was ready. So I washed my wet sheets, dried them, put them back on, showered, shaved, blow dried my hair, did my make up and packed my hospital bag…then I was ready to go! It was 8:15 by the time we got to the doctor. We got there and my Dr happened to be out of town for the day, so looks like someone else was delivering my baby. When the midwife confirmed it was my water that broke she sent me up to labor and delivery-even though I was still not contracting.

They immediately started an IV and hooked up the pitocin drip <— that stuff is comparable to the devil. Within minutes I had contractions every 1-1.5 minutes and they were strong and hard. The baby’s heart started decelerating, because the contractions were so close and I had lost so much amniotic fluid. They placed an intrauterine catheter that constantly flushed water into my uterus to keep the baby more comfortable. I opted for the epidural around 1:00 PM, however it didn’t work. I was getting contractions with increasing pain, the only thing that felt differently was my legs and toes tingled…and I couldn’t manage to pee by myself. So they inserted a catheter so I could be relieved of a full bladder too! Baby continued to have minor distress and the fill in Dr kept asking me to do a c-section, and I opted out because my body was progressing every 1-2 hours and the baby would recover fully after a contraction and did much better when I turned on my side and got some oxygen. Around 6:15 I looked at my husband and told him I thought I was going to s**t the bed and to go get the nurse..that gave him a good laugh She came right in, lifted the blanket and said oh there’s the head! So it looks like all of that pressure was my little girl’s head pushing it’s way out. They removed both of the catheters and intrauterine monitor and I started pushing.

At 7:00 PM exactly my daughter was born weighing 7lbs 2oz and measuring 19.5 inches long. She was perfect and alert looking at all of us. I tore pretty badly and got many stitches, but I wouldn’t change anything.



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