Alfie David – 12.10.2011 – 08:37 – 8lb 6oz (First Baby!)

I didn’t have an easy pregnancy my grandma was fighting lung cancer and on the day of my 12 weeks scan I got a phone call it was my grandpa “Can you come round, grandma has collapsed and I need help getting her up” my reply was “I can’t I’m just about to go in for my scan phone an ambulance” I screamed and repeated myself, I went in for my scan and they said there is the baby and my phone went I knew then my grandma had passed then when I was 32 weeks. I went into hospital with back ache. I was admitted and put on a drip I had an infection which was making my body turn toxic they finally got everything under control after being touch and go about delivering.

My due date came it was 3 days before my birthday and still no sign. My 20th birthday came still no sign I had a sweep done a week over due, I was told I was 2cm I went to get my hair done hoping baby would come, still there was no sign. On the 11th October 2011, 11 days over due I went to pick my cousin up from school and some old man parked right in front of me (taking into account I’d been waiting 30 minutes previously and he blocked me in) anyway’s I got a really sharp pain but I just ignored it. We got to my house and the Jackson trial was on Sky news so I was watching it and my pains was coming every 6 minutes I started getting a bit worried my mum wasn’t home and there was only my cousin my dad and me in the house.  I sent my dad to the chippy as I knew this was it; my uncle picked my cousin up and I warned him my aunt needed to be on standby.

We headed to the hospital, I’ll tell you one thing speed bumps and contractions are not a good combination. I arrived at the hospital and I got checked I was 2-3cm they wanted to send me home because I was getting induced in the morning but luckily I just sent a text message and my waters went, they still said I could go home but I refused they put me on the ward upstairs. My mum and auntie had to go home because it was 11pm at night. I had a bath I was in there an hour I went from 3cm to 8cm in 1 hour I rang my mum and walked to delivery I was 9cm by the time I got there.


I had gas and air I sang Ed Sheeran The A Team every time I had a contraction. I made some stress balls as well; balloon and flour well I popped one in delivery so there was flour EVERYWHERE! They only gave me limited time to push as I was high risk, I pushed and pushed then I felt his head which gave me the strength to get it over with one big last push and he was here at 8.37am weighing 8.6lb my little boy Alfie David. The crash team came in though as he got delivered too quick but he was fine. I was so lucky that night my consultant was on call and stayed on to watch me deliver safely, I needed 3 stitches as I had 2nd degree tear. When I needed the toilet it hurt like mad I use to have to get in the shower or bath and wee. I recorded all my labour and can see his cheeky little face appearing from me at the time I didn’t want it recording but I’m so glad I have that to look back on , the day my life began.



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