Last January I made two resolutions. The first was not to get pregnant and the second was not to move house. 

I have busted one of those resolutions. Before you start screeching, no I am not pregnant. No babies reside in my womb so let’s not go there!

We were due to move house in January, therefore not breaking my new year promise to stay put and not pack up and move anywhere. The trouble is I didn’t factor in the perfect little house coming up on the private rental market, meaning no agency fees to pay out for! This means our house move is taking place before Christmas, in three weeks. 
Three. Weeks.

Not only will I be packing and cleaning an entire house with two small ones around (husband on the night shift!) I have also managed to coordinate a mover, the bills being moved and everyone who has needed a months notice has been given it. 

I am excited. We have moved a lot in the last couple of years and we’ve had warnings about disrupting the kids. But do you know what? We’ve moved to BENEFIT them. We moved without choice sometimes, like when the landlord of our lovely house down south wanted his house back. Or the six flights of steps with a heavy buggy in a block of flats. Then moving 150miles away for a better opportunity and life. 

There’s going to be a day we don’t have the kids around anymore as they’ll have grown up and moved out and that day won’t be too far ahead. So we have to make sure we are okay too. This move HAS to be a final one purely because of schools. Simon going to school and Sophie entering reception year means we need stability and security and doing that as cheaply as possible haha. 

There’s the added bonus that I will be moving closer to Amy & Gina. I will actually be able to have a social life and friends close by! And a garden for BBQs! And nearby shops! 
I have come to a point that transition is a good thing and I don’t care for the opinions of others on the matter. I just want my little family to be happy and secure and this move just before Christmas is going to go a long way toward that. My two beautiful girls are getting to have roots. Oh my goodness I am going to have roots! And be able to go and drink purple with my best friend! I could dance. 

Anyway, Madeleine and Sophie are doing brilliantly right now. Maddie has cut most of her molars (my God those were some hard nights!) and has an obsession with shoes of all kind. Sophie is her happy, polite and cheerful self and has seen our new house even before me. She was more enamoured with the HUGE park and duck pond a ten minute walk away than she was the house itself haha. She is very excited about sharing a room with Maddie for a few years and is especially excited about Christmas. 

I have come to the realisation that my kids are going to have BIG Christmases every year. We haven’t bought more than we planned but outside us they have NINE people who have bought presents for them!! Lucky lucky girls. I still have a moral tug of war in my head about them being too spoilt. However it’s christmas and they don’t get presents through the year. My mum will laugh reading this because she knows my husband has won this time which is a total rarity lol. 

Happy Thursday, readers. 

X x x 


One thought on “Transition

  1. AshleyMiranda November 12, 2015 / 9:30 pm

    Don’t worry about kids getting disrupted with a move, I moved SO much as a kid that it feels like 2nd nature, now I find it so hard staying put LOL!
    Its crazy how kids are so different from eachother.. Rose still has the 2 bottom teeth and then is FINALLY cutting the teeth next to her two top teeth.. so yay she’ll now have 6.

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