Just an update 

A whole year since Madeleine came zooming into our lives (literally, this little sucker took 90mins lol)  
Lots of things have changed since she was born. People I considered friends have left us behind, other people have graced our lives with their amazing presence. People and things change and that’s the only constant in life; change. And I like change. I never used to but Dyou know what, change is something that I now embrace. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have lost over 4stone so far (and two to go!). I wouldn’t have the amazing friends I do right now. I wouldn’t have the guts to move us another 150miles to be able to support Husband at school. But we do these things, we change, for the good. For the better. 

Madeleine is due to be christened next week and I am very excited. We are hosting a party afterward and we are so happy that we’ve chosen reliable godparents for her. Madeleine is just amazing. She is this little ball of sunshine and always smiling. She’s learned to climb – not so nice for me. The couches are her favourite and she gets so excited about getting into them! As she has eight teeth we’ve started brushing them. I say brushing; I mean Maddie snatches the toothbrush and chews it to death while we wrestle it round her mouth lol. 

Sophie has just turned 3 and she honestly just blows me away. Her memory of things and people and her ability to recall things from over a year ago astound me daily. She’s very cheeky (in a good way!) and very confident and I really hope this stays. I try to encourage her everyday to be happy and smiley and she’s very good with madeleine now. You’d never know she didn’t want her around at first! Sophie goes into her next nursery class in three weeks and is so excited to be getting to go back. 

There’s a lot more in the pipeline but again I can’t divulge as yet. You know that thing where if you say something good is happening and then it doesn’t and it jinxes the shit out of it? That. The law of sod shall not win!


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